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About Us

Welcome to – a stock photography site design for individuals and businesses who want to get great photos, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg doing it. Here’s what sets us apart from the rest of the pack:

Uniform pricing: all of our photos are the same price:

  • $25 each for 72 DPI
  • $50 each for 150 DPI
  • $100 each for 300DPI

About  the Photographer

Photographer David Wall grew up in West Los Angeles 61 years ago. As a boy, he was always fascinated with photography and cameras. David remembers one day his father came home with one of the first Polaroid cameras, which made instant photos. David always had various inexpensive cameras from the 126 film type, using his fathers Polaroid to manually operated 35mm cameras. He remembers his first 35mm over 45 years ago which was a Yashica. Then as years went by, he purchased his first Nikon film camera, then approximately ten years ago, he purchased his first digital one mega pixel camera and now he uses Nikon D2X, D300 an a D700 .

Photography has always been one David’s passions. Since digital cameras came out, David has taken photography more seriously. David travels all over the world on business and pleasure. Over the last several years David has focused on wildlife, landscape, people, and Napa sunsets.

Over the last few years, David has donated many of his photos to charities to help raise money.

David’s full time job is commercial real estate investments and development.

David has decided to place his photos on line as an inexpensive alternative for others to share and enjoy his photos.